HTML5 Basic course for Genba(fieldwork) management through IE

Summary of course Summary of course

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You will learn about Industrial Engineering (IE) as you look at the history of manufacturing management, scientific management methods, and practical way to raise manufacturing productivity through IE with the use of easy-to-understand examples.

Target Early to mid-career manufacturing or factory engineers, production managers
Expected learning time 2hours
Shortest execution time 40minutes
Category 生産管理

Aim and feature of courseAim and feature of course

To learn the benefits of Industrial Engineering (IE) in factory management and its basic way of thinking.
To learn the "Way of thinking for scientific management method" and "What is IE?" by looking back into the history of production management through "Taylor's Time Study", "Gilbreth's Motion Study", etc.
The course explains, as a specific method for productivity improvement through IE, summary of work measurement and method engineering, as well as the purpose and procedures of the research approach and the design approach using simple case studies.
Explanation combined with CG animations and narrations will give you realistic scenes of the workplace.

Curriculum Curriculum

Subject・Main items Main items
1. The Definition of IE (Industrial Engineering)
2. How IE Was Born
3. Taylor's Work Studies
4. Gilbreth's Motion Studies
5. Two Processes in Objectives Management
6. What Is Methods Engineering?
7. (1) The "Research Approach" in Methods Engineering
8. (2) The "Design Approach" in Methods Engineering
9. What Is Work Measurement?
10. The Definition of Standard Time
11. The Work Measurement Method
12. About Productivity
13. Conclusion

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