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Summary of course Summary of course

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To learn the "Risks" of information security in the workplace and home.
※This course is a translated version of the Japanese course "Your Compliance: Information Security Course 2016-2017 ver.”

Target All business persons
Expected learning time 1時間
Shortest execution time 31分
Nobuo Miwa CEO, S&J Consulting Corp.
Category CSR・コンプライアンス

Aim and feature of courseAim and feature of course

To learn how problems in the workplace and home occur (e.g. loss of laptop/smartphone and leaking by virus), how to prevent and counter such problems.
To think about the secure ways to utilize tools and services using current case examples of risks about using applications, SNS and others.
To enhance your interest in information security by checking your own awareness and performance with self-check questions.

Curriculum Curriculum

Subject・Main items Main items
Introduction to the Course
  • Archive Cases and Summary PDF
Chapter 1 : Current Situation of Information Security
  • 1-1 Information Leaking in Our Daily Lives
  • 1-2 Ideal Condition of Information Security
Chapter 2 : How to prevent threats in our daily lives
  • 2-1 Your Information is the Target: You might be an Attacker
  • 2-2 Is Your PC Held Hostage? The Threat of Ransomware
  • 2-3 Targeted Online Banking
  • 2-4 Dealing with emails
  • 2-5 Is Tweeting Safe? ~Information Transmission on the Internet~
  • 2-6 Traps of Smartphone and the Cloud ~Convenient, but Risky~
  • 2-7 Not only on the Internet! ① Reconsider Your Information Security
  • 2-8 Not only on the Internet! ② Loss of Smartphone, Notebook PC and Information Device
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Voice of Students Voice of Students

  • Voice of Students1

    Each lecture was very pointed so i could learn very easily.

  • Voice of Students2

    I was able to learn correct way to handle confidential information and how to protect myself and valuable information from threat.

  • Voice of Students3

    Information security is a focused topic nowadays, I need to learn how to mitigate the risk.

  • Voice of Students4

    This course helped me out with a lot of security issues.

  • Voice of Students5

    Information security is important for everyone.

  • Voice of Students6

    Content is thorough and easy to understand.

  • Voice of Students7

    It was very easy to understand.

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Information of revision Information of revision

<Revision information: Dec.17, 2020>

The materials in this course have been changed to a format that does not require Adobe Flash Player.
Use a browser in your operating environment to take this course.

<Revision history 2017/08/04>
In this version, the following training contents have been revised.
・Changed the course title to "Your Compliance: Information Security Course".
・Changed the title of case 2-2 to "Don't let your guard down when using SNS!" and moved to Archive Cases.
・(1-1)Updated the latest statistical data for the information about the number of cases of damage due to unauthorized computer access, and the ratio of personal information leakage incidents and people affected per cause.
・(2-2)Changed the content of a case to describe damages caused by ransomware and accordingly changed the title to "Is Your PC Held Hostage? The Threat of Ransomware".
・(2-3)Updated the information about the number of illegal money transfers on net banking with the latest statistical data.
・(2-7)Updated the information about the number of personal information leaks by media type with the latest statistical data.
・(2-8)Updated the information about the number of personal information leaks by cause with the latest statistical data.

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