Basic Course for Business Manners

Summary of course Summary of course

  • 学習する風土づくり
  • 若手社員の育成
  • 中堅社員の育成
  • ビジネススキル・知識の習得
  • 新人・若手社員
  • 中堅社員

To learn the skills and knowledge necessary to become a "considerate" businessperson.

Target A prospective employee, a new employee / A junior and a mid-career businessperson / Those who want to make sure that they have appropriate business manners
Expected learning time 4時間
Shortest execution time 65分
Category ビジネススキル/ビジネス基礎・マナー

Aim and feature of courseAim and feature of course

Learn how to think correctly and respond to situations as required.
The course describes a typical business workplace so that you will know what to do in a real office situation.
Easy to learn important points with an visual effect.

Curriculum Curriculum

Subject・Main items Main items
  • Introduction to the Course
Chapter 1 Appearance and Greetings
  • 1-1 Appearance with Good Impressions
  • 1-2 How to Greet According to a Situation
  • 1-3 Manners Extra : What Should We Do in This Case?
Chapter 2 Language and Telephone Manners
  • 2-1 Mastering the Correct Honorific Terms
  • 2-2 How to Answer a Telephone Call and How to Take a Memo
  • 2-3 How to Make a Telephone Call
  • 2-4 Manners Extra : What Should We Do in This Case?
Chapter 3 A Reception and a Visit
  • 3-1 How to Guide
  • 3-2 Order of Precedence
  • 3-3 When Visiting a Customer
  • 3-4 Card Exchange
  • 3-5 Manners Extra : What Should We Do in This Case?
Chapter 4 Business Documents and Emails
  • 4-1 Types of Business Documents
  • 4-2 Internal Documents
  • 4-3 External Documents
  • 4-4 Manners of Sending and Receiving Emails
  • 4-5 Manners Extra : What Should We Do in This Case?
Chapter 5 Business Manners and Communication
  • 5-1 How to Talk, How to Listen
  • 5-2 Reporting, Communication, and Consultation
  • 5-3 Mixing Private and Official Matters and Confidentiality of Information
  • 5-4 Manners Extra : What Should We Do in This Case?
  • Information Packet
  • Information Packet
  • Report Questions

Voice of Students Voice of Students

  • Voice of Students1

    It is useful for my work.

  • Voice of Students2

    I could confirm a useful knowledge, also learn English at the same time.

  • Voice of Students3

    As a student I was not familiar with business manners and this course was a good chance for me to learn about it.

  • Voice of Students4

    I could learn the basic business manner which I had not known even in Japanese.

  • Voice of Students5

    I found words and explanation on business situation.

  • Voice of Students6

    I got some knowledge and intelligence of business manner by the course.

  • Voice of Students7

    I know many parts of this course, but because I learned in English, it was fun and I could also study English.

  • Voice of Students8

    It is very useful for me to have business manners especially I am involving in sales department.

  • Voice of Students9

    It similar as routine job and this info make more useful and easy to understand and can follow it.

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