Basic Management Course

Summary of course Summary of course

  • 学習する風土づくり
  • グローバル人材育成
  • 強い管理者の育成
  • 中堅社員の育成
  • 若手社員の育成
  • 新人・若手社員
  • 中堅社員
  • リーダー・監督者
  • 管理者

Understand what a manager should do and be able to actively work on management.

Target Manager (New/incumbent) and its applicant
Expected learning time 5hours
Shortest execution time 63minutes
Category マネジメント全般

Aim and feature of courseAim and feature of course

Understand the role of manager in an organization and cultivate aggressive working stance toward management.
Clarify ability required as a manager to expand as well as understand know-how to utilize it in practical business field.
Consider an image of ideal manager in the future from standpoints of "Self-innovation" and "Leadership".
Specifically present the role of a manager and skills required for a manager to clarify what type of a manager you should be.
Show scenes that are often seen in daily management in the form of animation to have students “feel” and “understand” the points.
You can gauge yourself while learning using frequently provided “Review” sections.
Management terms that managers have to understand are described as “Tips” in columns.

Curriculum Curriculum

Subject・Main items Main items
Front Page: Introduction to the Course
Chapter 1 What a Manager Should Do?
  • 1-1 What is a Manager?
  • 1-2 The Three Requirements of a Manager
  • 1-3 What If You Quit Your Company Right Now
  • 1-4 "Business" and "People"
  • 1-5 "Management" and "Innovation"
First Report Questions
Chapter 2 Managing Business Operations
  • 2-1 Required Skills for Managers
  • 2-2 Goal-Oriented Skills for Improving Performance
  • 2-3 Organizational Skills to Make an Environment that Lets Members Work Comfortably
  • 2-4 Operational Skills to Do a Perfect Job
Chapter 3 Managing People
  • 3-1 Communication Skills to Connect Team Members with the Organization
  • 3-2 Motivational Skills to Motivate Members
Chapter 4 Promote the Role of a Manager
  • 4-1 Self-Control/Innovation Skills for a Self-Reliant Manager
  • 4-2 To Exercise Leadership (Epilogue)
Information Packet
Second Report Questions

Voice of Students Voice of Students

  • Voice of Students1

    GOOD to review the textbook type from time to time.

  • Voice of Students2

    It may help me in the future for coordinating both human and material resources of the company.

  • Voice of Students3

    The contents are properly organized and easy to understand.

  • Voice of Students4

    The lessons were in english so i could properly understand the contents.

  • Voice of Students5

    It was quite interactive and informative course which can be really helpful for people aiming to be good managers.

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