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Manga for Businesspeople

Easy reading through MangaOrganizational development

  • By Kazuhiko Nakamura / Artwork by Youko Matsuo
  • Published 31st July 2019

What exactly is organizational development? How should we proceed with organizational development? This book uses a manga story to explain the concept of organizational development, which has been somewhat elusive.

The story takes place in a car dealership where the number of employees taking leave or retiring is increasing, despite overall good performance.

The main character, who is the store manager, tries various measures to deal with the lackluster workplace, but fails to get the desired response and results. In this situation, he turns to organizational development and puts it into practice.

You can see through the manga how the main character changes the workplace which was lacking in vitality and suffering from poor communication among the employees.

In this book, you will learn the essence of organizational development by experiencing it through stories and deepening your understanding through explanations. This is the perfect introductory book to grasp the essence of organizational development.

Manga for Businesspeople

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