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Easy reading through Manga5S in Operation Management

  • By Akio Takahara / Scenario writing by Hirufumi Hoshii / Artwork by Naotsugu Matsueda
  • Published 28th September 2017

The 5S method: Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize and Sustain, which was born in Japan's numerous production sites, has been introduced in every workplace in Japan as the basis for everything. The reason why 5S is so popular is that it is easy to understand and apply in the workplace and the results can be easily confirmed. In addition, we cannot overlook the effect of naturally developing human resources as we continue our activities.

However, there are several difficulties to overcome in promoting 5S, such as resistance from the front line upon introduction, and these obstacles make it difficult to incorporate 5S into the workplace.

In this book, we will explain the problems and solutions that everyone encounters in promoting 5S activities, as well as tips on how to smoothly incorporate them into the workplace.

The story of this manga takes place at a doughnut factory and presents specific problems and solutions so you can learn about 5S as if you were actually experiencing it.

Manga for Businesspeople

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