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Furigana for international students | 2021 Business Proficiency Test Job Pass Level 3 Official Textbook

Japanese Business Etiquette

Furigana for international students2021 Business Proficiency Test Job Pass Level 3 Official Textbook

  • Supervised by Association for Technical and Career Education
  • Published 28th January 2021

The Business Proficiency Test Job Pass Level 3 Official Textbook is educational material that can be used as a guidepost for vocational and career education to learn the basics and fundamentals of business skills in Japan and what to expect when working in Japan.

This book uses furigana (Japanese syllabary) for all the kanji characters in the official textbook for the Job Pass Level 3 of the Business Proficiency Test 2021, so that international students who are not adept at kanji can learn Japanese business customs and working styles in Japanese companies alongside with Japanese students.

Each chapter also includes a quiz to confirm what you have learned. A larger version of the text is provided at the end of the book for figures and tables that are difficult to read in furigana.

Note: There are no furigana attached to the questions in the Business Proficiency Test Job Pass Level 3.

Part 1: Basics of Business and Communication
Chapter 1: Approaches to Career and Work, Chapter 2: The Eight Basic Points to Keep in Mind at Work, Chapter 3: Basics of Communication and Business Etiquette, Chapter 4: Receiving Instructions, Reporting, Communication, and Consultation, Chapter 5: How to Speak and Listen, Chapter 6: Basic Manners for Dealing with Visitors and Visiting, Chapter 7: Socializing in Company Relationships

Part 2: Work Practices and Business Tools
Chapter 1: How to Approach Work, Chapter 2: Basics of Business Documents, Chapter 3: Answering the Telephone, Chapter 4: How to Read and Summarize Statistics and Data, Chapter 5: Gathering Information and Using the Media, Chapter 6: Basics of the Environment and Economy Surrounding the Company

Japanese Business Etiquette

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