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Helping people achieve personal growth everyday by keeping handwritten notes


The long-selling favorite efficiency planner, Noritsu Techo, shifts to NOLTY

The needs of daily planner users have moved beyond work scheduling and time management alone. Today's users want space to jot down their dreams and goals and describe the day-to-day events they wish to remember. We address these needs with our NOLTY brand, which has a history of 70 years. NOLTY accommodates all aspects of daily life, whether business or personal. This brand embodies our mission of providing the support that all those seeking personal growth might need.


A palette of color to suit every individual's lifestyle

A combination of the words "page" and "gem," the PAGEM brand of daily planners is designed especially for women who wish to record and treasure each precious day.

Launched more than 30 years ago, we have enhanced our PAGEM line to continue to meet the needs of women's changing lifestyles. Available in a strikingly rich palette of color, the PAGEM line gives women the freedom to select a personal planner that expresses their mood and individuality. The brand's designs are renewed each year to reflect the latest trends in color and the most popular materials. The PAGEM line will continue to grow as a favorite brand tailored perfectly to women of every generation.

— Bindex

Bindex, a system planner incorporating Noritsu Techo (currently NOLTY) know-how, is an ideal tool for managing both time and information and supports a wide range of lifestyles.