About US History of JMAM

History since 1942

JMAM works to promote the core businesses of the Japan Management Association (JMA), an association established in 1942 for the purpose of promoting management efficiency in industry.

1942 Japan Management Association (JMA) established
1949 Launched Noritsu Techo efficiency planners
1951 Launched monthly magazine, Management
1965 Began promotion of Zero-Defect (ZD) Initiative
1967 Introduced and promoted affinity diagram (or "KJ method") management technique
1969 Japan Institute of Plant Engineers (JIPE) established
1971 JMA Systems Corp. (JMAS) established
1979 Began full-scale promotion of correspondence courses
1980 JMA Consultants Inc. (JMAC) established
Japan Society for Technical Communication (JSTC) established
1981 JIPE reorganized as Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM)
Japan Institute of Office Automation established (JIOA)
1982 Released the first issue of JMA Journal by combining monthly publications, Management and IE
Launched Visualization & Character Analysis Test (V-CAT) business
1984 Started JMA Training Cruise program under a new system
Total Productivity Prize (TP Prize) established
JMA Research Institute Inc. established
1986 Field of JMA activities defined as promoting management reform
1987 Launched Bindex refillable planners
1989 Released monthly magazine, Personnel Training
1990 Launched JMA Management Institute training programs
1991 JMA Management Center (JMAM) established in August
1991 JMAM operations commenced in October
1992 Human Resources Development Association (HRDA) established
1994 Released Noritsu Calendars
1995 Launched full-scale assessment business
1996 Launched reemployment support services
Japan Management Staff Co., Ltd. Established
1997 Launched TOC business
1999 Launched career development business
2000 Established partnership with Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in US
2001 Changed company name from Japan Management Staff Co., Ltd. to JMAM Change Consulting Co., Ltd.
Launched e-learning business
2002 JMAM Human Capital Co., Ltd. established
2004 JMA Expert Center Inc. established
Head Office relocated to Shiodome, Minato-ku
2008 EM Methodology business acquired from Decision Systems Inc.
2010 JMAM merges with JMAM Human Capital Co., Ltd.
Noritsu Techo Planners Co., Ltd. established
2013 Acquired all shares of Shinjudo Co., Ltd.
Noritsu Techo rebranded as NOLTY
2015 Head Office relocated to Nihombashi, Chuo-ku