Our business Publishing


Helping businesspeople grow with publications that open the mind and impart wisdom

Business Publications

JMAM publishes on a wide range of business topics such as management techniques, production techniques, business operations, corporate case studies, and self-development.

Publications for Acquiring Qualifications

We publish textbooks and workbooks designed to help people obtain qualifications in certain areas of business.

Production Meister

The Product Meister Official Approval program aims to encourage general education for core personnel responsible on the production line. JMAM publishes the official textbooks for this program.

Monthly Magazine, Jinzai Kyoiku ("Personnel Training")

Since our founding in 1989, we have published the monthly magazineJinzai Kyoiku. Aimed at those involved in human resource development, the magazine presents case studies on progressive companies and organizations, opinions written by intellectuals and experts, and other information pertaining to human resource development.