Who are we

About the JMA Management Center

The JMA Management Center supports professional and personal development in three main areas: publishing, human resources development, and planner production. We have around 80 years of experience in publishing, beginning when we were part of the Japan Management Association, established in 1942 to promote management efficiency in industry. We became an independent company in 1991.

about JMAM

about JMAM

Books for readers who want to learn

Our books are practical and useful texts for adult and child readers. This site lists 40 titles we believe will be of particular interest to readers outside Japan. Many are specifically written for those seeking to learn more about living or working in Japan. All draw on the knowledge we have accumulated over our history as management professionals.

Because we aim to reach every reader who hopes to learn new things and develop their skills, we design our books in a variety of formats, using appealing illustrations and even manga (comics) to convey information effectively. We are confident that our publications can contribute to your company’s success.



Supporting diverse self-development

A person can continue to learn new things and develop skills at any age. Taking control of your own development is a joyful process—a huge step forward that reshapes how you think, behave, and approach your time. We believe this is the essence of life. We support each person’s diverse self-development paths.


Leading everyone’s growth

By taking on new challenges every day to achieve their dreams and goals, and by overcoming difficulties step by step, people can experience the genuine joy of life. We lead people to be the person who wants to be.


1. Equal partnership

We respect different viewpoints and values irrespective of profession, age, or position.

2. Wisdom in numbers

We bring together diverse specialties to heighten our creativity and capabilities as a team.

3. Honor and integrity

We keep our promises. We act in good faith. We behave with dignity at all times.

4. Dialogue

We learn from dialogue with various internal and external partners as we pursue our essential goals.

5. Customer-centricity

We always consider things from the customers' perspective and seek to increase their value.

6. Challenge and change

We do not fear risk.We love the challenge of achieving what no one else has.