About US Message from the President

We design time. We design growth.

It is every person’s desire to live a life of freedom and abundance. But what is freedom, and what is abundance, in the context of life? When one considers these questions, the first things a person thinks about are time and growth.

There are two things we can do to assist people in achieving that desire. One is to design time. The other is to design growth.

Because our lives are bound by time, in order to live free lives, we should try to alter the way we live by designing our time in accordance with our own desires.

In order to attain lives of abundance, we should pursue the feeling that we have grown — between yesterday and today; between today and tomorrow.

As we place great value in the design of people’s time and growth, we walk side by side with all people who desire to lead lives of freedom and abundance, acting as guides along the path to that imagined future.

Photo : President

Chairman, Representative Director
Takashi Hasegawa

President, Representative Director
Shirou Chou